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[19 Feb 2003|03:21am]
Buy Dr. Shulgin's Latest Book _The Simple Plant Isoquinolines_

Purchase online, and support cognitive liberty:

"The passion of my life over the last forty years has been a compelling
interest in psychedelic drugs. They have given me not only an exciting
area of research and discovery, but also a personal understanding of
just who I am and why I am."
-- Dr. Alexander Shulgin, From the Foreword to...

The Simple Plant Isoquinolines
by Dr. Alexander Shulgin & Wendy Perry
ISBN 0-9630096-2-1, Description: Hardcover, xxxvi + 624 pages. Height
23.5 cm. x width 15.8 cm. x thickness 4.5 cm.

Foreword 1 by Alexander T. Shulgin

excerpt... The passion of my life over the last forty years has been a
compelling interest in psychedelic drugs. They have given me not only
exciting area of research and discovery, but also a personal
understanding of just who I am and why I am. Certainly these guides and
sacraments will eventually play an accepted role in our community and
our culture. Almost all of these drugs have either been isolated from
psychoactive plants, or are the results of subtle variations of the
molecular structures of these isolates.

I have always looked at these plants and the compounds they contain in
the same way that the Romans dreamt of their ultimate empire. It was
Caesar who acknowledged that all of Gaul was divided into three parts
and to understand it, to conquer it, each part had to be respected as a
separate entity. It is exactly the same way with understanding the
of psychedelic drugs. There are three domains of inquiry that must be
studied independently before one can begin to appreciate just how they
might integrate into a single concept. These three are now, I believe,
coming together.

One part is the large collection of psychoactive compounds known as the
phenethylamines. The first known plant psychedelic was mescaline, or
3,4,5-trimethoxyphenethylamine. This simple one-ring alkaloid was
discovered in the North American dumpling cactus Peyote (Anhalonium
williamsii) in the late nineteenth century, and is now known to be a
component of over fifty other cacti. Over a dozen other cactus
phenethylamines have been isolated and identified, and there are
a hundred synthetic analogues that are now also known to be psychedelic
in action. This body of information has been published by my wife Ann
and me as a book entitled "PIHKAL: A Chemical Love Story." PIHKAL
for Phenethylamines I Have Known and Loved.

An almost-as-large chemical group contains the tryptamines. ... Ann
I have written a companion volume to PIHKAL called "TIHKAL: The
Continuation" (TIHKAL stands for Tryptamines I have Known and Loved),
which has brought together most of these natural and synthetic
tryptamines into a single reference site.

The remaining third of the above Gallic synthesis deals with what I had
originally called the "Q" compounds, as distinguished from the "P"
compounds and the "T" compounds (the phenethylamines and the
tryptamines). ... No name has yet been decided upon, but ideas such as
The Third Book, or Book Three, are under consideration. Names like
resound with a rather striking arrogance, if nothing else.

Foreword II by Wendy Perry

excerpt... As it is now, the pharmaceutical industry is bridging the
gap between what is socially and legally acceptable to do to one's
chemistry in order to feel well, and what is currently considered
unacceptable, which is using chemical or plant medicines to look at why
one is not feeling well to begin with.

There is great hypocrisy, fear, and thoughtlessness afoot in the United
States regarding psychoactive drugs. Their benefits and potential uses
are lost in the rhetoric of the "drug war," and in the fear that it
generates. There are many examples of healthy and informed use of
psychoactive medicines throughout the world, and throughout the ages.
They have been used in the past, and are being used today, as healing
tools. We need that kind of thinking in this country, we need that kind
of healing.

Hypocrisy exists in the laws regarding alcohol and tobacco, which are
legal, and are the most damaging and widely abused drugs in our
Many pharmaceutical drugs are not without their dangers and abuses as
well (it's a fact that far more Americans die from pharmaceutical drugs
than illegal drugs). What are the fears of psychoactive drugs really
based on? I encourage those who start with the arguments of brain
caused by this or that drug to obtain the actual scientific papers that
make those claims (not just the titles of the papers) and read them
carefully. They will find much misinformation due to political
economics, and fear.
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love inspired. [20 Sep 2002|10:11am]

hope you dont mind.

Etiquette of Drugs pt I [10 Jun 2002|01:34pm]
old post of mine...

Etiquette for Snorting Cocaine
I. Lines
   A. When offered a line, never reject.
   B. When offering lines to others [wtf? cokeheads hoard, they dont offer...n/m].
   C. Cut rock [you better have gotten a rock] into fine powder. Use a razor. A credit or id card if need be. nothing that's
   papery...it gets sticky...literally.
      1. The finer the powder, the easier it goes up...
      2. You don't get chunky nasty drip...its smoother and goes down all at once.
   D. Straight lines, kids. 
      1. Do not miss a itty bit when cutting, ever! waste not want not...and you want so stop wasting!
      2. Messy cut lines are unattractive and unposh. Yer a rockstar, so live up to it.
   E. Clean Snorting.
      1. Curling your dollar bill [if need be].
         a. Crisp dollar bills work best. The coke will not stick as easily to clean bills.
         b. Start at the straightest edge working your wae to the more fucked up bent edge.
            i. starting at a straight edge gives you the advantage of having a cleaner roll on the inside.
            ii. it prevents the coke going up the tube to get lodged b/t folds.
         c. Place your thumb on the bottom of the tube and your index finger on the top, with your other hand, pull the end flap to
         tighten your roll. Your thumb and finger holds the dollar so it doesn't slip basically.
      2. Make the holes of yer tube parallel with your nostril.
         a. The higher up the bill goes in your nose the more efficient it will be.
         b. The more aligned it is, the less the coke will fall out of your messy little nose.
      3. With one clean sweep, snort the entire line if possible. If you were lucky enough to get a "joyce line," do it in two snorts.
         a. Tilt your head back and snort like yer gonna spit phlegm. Stae like this for the next 30 seconds and let the drip go. The
         more that comes at once the better.
      4. Scrape whatever is left on the table, on your side/your line, and gum, eat, or snort [if theres that much...there shouldnt be].
      5. Clean your table or mirror. Alwaes. Offer your fellow cokehead the razor, unless it's your coke, then fuck them.
II. Bullet [refer to Diagram A below]
    A. Please blow your nose. A wet nose is not appreciated by the person after you, and your snot clogs up the bullet. it is truly
    disgusting. no excuses [even if you are cold and have been doing a lotta coke].
    B. To work a bullet. [the nasty things!]
       1. Turn it over, so the part where yer nose goes is facing the ground.
       2. Keep your index over the hole where your nostril goes and yer thrumb over the cocaine holder, as if you are pinching the
       bullet upside down. Keep your middle finger over the carb so you do not waste any of this precious powder.
       3. With your other hand, twist the knob [which should be pointing upwards] downwards.
       4. Flick the holder a couple of times to get the wretched coke sticking to the sides.
       5. Twist the knob back so it points up again.
       6. Repeat step 3, 4, and 5 until you have as many bumps as you want lined up.
       7. Hold the carb hole as you place it up to your nose [important! or you'll spray the divine drug all over yourself].
       8. Yep, shove it up in there, let go of the carb, snort, tilt head back and suck in all the air you can get thru yer nose. Do
       the phlegm thing like you do with lines.
III. Enjoy your cigarette.

other tips: 
*wear black, you'll see all the coke bits you missed then you can collect them! yyaaaayyy!
*don't gum too much: as fun as it is, it kills your gums...literally. its pretty disgusting.
*when your nostril bleeds, use the other one.
*stop rubbing your nose so much, i know it's numb, but it'll start bleeding.
*start smoking your cigarette after your high.
*refrain fromme blowing your nose right after you take a line.
*please dont eat your boogers. they won't get you high.

Diagram A.
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Well it is my community - I might as well start promoting it [23 May 2002|05:22pm]

Ok ok - so this thing has been off to an interesting start. Created orginally by voideity for my purposes and then quickly forgotten, I have decided that it would be a good idea to come back here and see if we can get things going. Community experiments you could say. So I guess Ill start with some mixed interests and some questions for the people out there.

Just so everyone understands right now - everything said in this community is a work of fiction and if anyone takes it other than that they are just plain stupid.

Ok so my thoughts on 2c-t-7:

I had the luxury of trying this research chemical a little over a year ago with a good friend of mine. We hadnt read enough about the chemical however and were instructed to snort is - which I have later discoverd has caused several deaths (tho not at the dose we were taking). It was an incredible trip to say the least - I dont think I have every had visuals that intense before - except for maybe DMT. Anyway Id like to know what others out there think of this new drug -and actually does anyone know the likelyhood of it becoming scheduled.

Question about salvia: I have purchased the extract a number of times and smoked in after smoking weed to intensify the effects - Even after baseballing a pipe however I failed to reach any truly far out visonary states (its only happened once). Any tips on how to consume this interesting substance?

And im off -

***Know what you're talking about***
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[23 Nov 2001|01:59am]
how does one go about acquiring lsd in such a drought?
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