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Etiquette of Drugs pt I

old post of mine...

Etiquette for Snorting Cocaine
I. Lines
   A. When offered a line, never reject.
   B. When offering lines to others [wtf? cokeheads hoard, they dont offer...n/m].
   C. Cut rock [you better have gotten a rock] into fine powder. Use a razor. A credit or id card if need be. nothing that's
   papery...it gets sticky...literally.
      1. The finer the powder, the easier it goes up...
      2. You don't get chunky nasty drip...its smoother and goes down all at once.
   D. Straight lines, kids. 
      1. Do not miss a itty bit when cutting, ever! waste not want not...and you want so stop wasting!
      2. Messy cut lines are unattractive and unposh. Yer a rockstar, so live up to it.
   E. Clean Snorting.
      1. Curling your dollar bill [if need be].
         a. Crisp dollar bills work best. The coke will not stick as easily to clean bills.
         b. Start at the straightest edge working your wae to the more fucked up bent edge.
            i. starting at a straight edge gives you the advantage of having a cleaner roll on the inside.
            ii. it prevents the coke going up the tube to get lodged b/t folds.
         c. Place your thumb on the bottom of the tube and your index finger on the top, with your other hand, pull the end flap to
         tighten your roll. Your thumb and finger holds the dollar so it doesn't slip basically.
      2. Make the holes of yer tube parallel with your nostril.
         a. The higher up the bill goes in your nose the more efficient it will be.
         b. The more aligned it is, the less the coke will fall out of your messy little nose.
      3. With one clean sweep, snort the entire line if possible. If you were lucky enough to get a "joyce line," do it in two snorts.
         a. Tilt your head back and snort like yer gonna spit phlegm. Stae like this for the next 30 seconds and let the drip go. The
         more that comes at once the better.
      4. Scrape whatever is left on the table, on your side/your line, and gum, eat, or snort [if theres that much...there shouldnt be].
      5. Clean your table or mirror. Alwaes. Offer your fellow cokehead the razor, unless it's your coke, then fuck them.
II. Bullet [refer to Diagram A below]
    A. Please blow your nose. A wet nose is not appreciated by the person after you, and your snot clogs up the bullet. it is truly
    disgusting. no excuses [even if you are cold and have been doing a lotta coke].
    B. To work a bullet. [the nasty things!]
       1. Turn it over, so the part where yer nose goes is facing the ground.
       2. Keep your index over the hole where your nostril goes and yer thrumb over the cocaine holder, as if you are pinching the
       bullet upside down. Keep your middle finger over the carb so you do not waste any of this precious powder.
       3. With your other hand, twist the knob [which should be pointing upwards] downwards.
       4. Flick the holder a couple of times to get the wretched coke sticking to the sides.
       5. Twist the knob back so it points up again.
       6. Repeat step 3, 4, and 5 until you have as many bumps as you want lined up.
       7. Hold the carb hole as you place it up to your nose [important! or you'll spray the divine drug all over yourself].
       8. Yep, shove it up in there, let go of the carb, snort, tilt head back and suck in all the air you can get thru yer nose. Do
       the phlegm thing like you do with lines.
III. Enjoy your cigarette.

other tips: 
*wear black, you'll see all the coke bits you missed then you can collect them! yyaaaayyy!
*don't gum too much: as fun as it is, it kills your gums...literally. its pretty disgusting.
*when your nostril bleeds, use the other one.
*stop rubbing your nose so much, i know it's numb, but it'll start bleeding.
*start smoking your cigarette after your high.
*refrain fromme blowing your nose right after you take a line.
*please dont eat your boogers. they won't get you high.

Diagram A.
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