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Well it is my community - I might as well start promoting it

Ok ok - so this thing has been off to an interesting start. Created orginally by voideity for my purposes and then quickly forgotten, I have decided that it would be a good idea to come back here and see if we can get things going. Community experiments you could say. So I guess Ill start with some mixed interests and some questions for the people out there.

Just so everyone understands right now - everything said in this community is a work of fiction and if anyone takes it other than that they are just plain stupid.

Ok so my thoughts on 2c-t-7:

I had the luxury of trying this research chemical a little over a year ago with a good friend of mine. We hadnt read enough about the chemical however and were instructed to snort is - which I have later discoverd has caused several deaths (tho not at the dose we were taking). It was an incredible trip to say the least - I dont think I have every had visuals that intense before - except for maybe DMT. Anyway Id like to know what others out there think of this new drug -and actually does anyone know the likelyhood of it becoming scheduled.

Question about salvia: I have purchased the extract a number of times and smoked in after smoking weed to intensify the effects - Even after baseballing a pipe however I failed to reach any truly far out visonary states (its only happened once). Any tips on how to consume this interesting substance?

And im off -

***Know what you're talking about***
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